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In 'Balloon Express', you'll join Amelia across the globe with her hot air balloon to deliver mails and packages to the most wondrous and exotic places in the world.

Help Amelia build her own unique delivery business and find out why she had to take this journey. You'll be soaring over landscapes of villages, woods, ancient ruin and exotic city all over the world. Checking each house that come in view and sending the right kind of delivery to that house. You can also try the fun and addictive puzzle mode where your keen eyes help you match the mails and packages before time runs out. You will be pitted against your own limits!

Game features:
-One-handed gaming, mouse only.
-In-game tutorial to easily learn about the game.
-No level will be the same, using our object generator, you can play Balloon Express over and over again!
-Two gameplay modes, an adventurous story mode and challenging puzzle mode.
-Autosave your progress with personal profile.
-Fun cartoony, colorful graphics.

Download Balloon Express here!

This is the 30-minute trial version! You can purchase the license key at only 19.95 USD to unlock the entire game from

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