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Sherman3D Staff and SEVO Members

Sherman3D Management Staff Members:

Jeffery Patrick

Jeffery Patrick is our Chief Executive Officer & Chief Creative Officer.

Ng Eu Ginn

Eu Ginn @ Eugene is our Chief Operating Officer.

Sherman Chin

Sherman is the Chief Information Officer and founder of Sherman3D. This is his LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn.

Gan Soon Ling

Soon Ling is our Chief Game Designer.

Nicholas Shanafelt

Nicholas Shanafelt is our Game Art Outsourcing Manager.

SEVO (Sherman3D Extended Volunteer Organization) Members & Staff Members:

Kris Finnerty

Kris Finnerty is our Musician and Sound Engineer.

Steffen Bleul

Hailing for Germany, Steffen is our prodigical J2ME programmer. Without him, our mobile RPG, Kris Master, would have never seen the light of the day.

Gary Yeung

A professional at Udon, Canada's renown comic production studio, Gary is a superb anime artist and his artwork is readily viewable at his personal site, Despite being a pro, Gary's philosophy to keep improving himself puts him at the top of his league. Gary aspires to be an art director in an anime one day.

Chris Senjaya

Chris is one of our community's most senior programmers. He worked on our Karawachi prototype when our community first started. He was a professional game developer in Matahari Studios, Indonesia; Precursor, Singapore; and he has started his own game development studio, Menara Games, now.

Jolene Wong

Jolene has joined us as a software engineering intern from Multimedia University, Malacca Campus, Malaysia. With interest in anime and manga, Jolene is certainly no stranger to our field of work.

Joseph M. Tringali

Joseph M. Tringali founded Epix Interactive Studios Inc. along with Sherman Chin, Zach Haefner and Jeremiah Slackza back in 1999. Following the conceptualization of Karawachi, Fate, and several smaller projects, Epix was shut down for financial reasons, and several members went on to form Sherman3D. Joseph moved on to work on the live team for Funcom inc, makers of Anarchy Online ( After about a year and three months, he moved to Z-reality, where he acted as a consultant and helped build the customer service business model. From the US, he moved to Hong Kong to work at En-tranz Entertainment as the Community Manager for their MMORPG, Shadowbane. He is now the general manager of 5th Cell Media LLC. ( Joseph acts as a personal consultant to Sherman3D, offering advice pertaining to the game industry.

Chern Fai

Chern Fai is an amazingly talented artist who is not only good at what he does but is also a great friend.

Matthew Chin

Matt is an extremely dedicated project coordinator and fast learner. He has been of significant help in our Alpha Kimori project.

Adam Harvey

Adam is our very talented game musician. Among his credits include the music for Del's Computer World and Krismaster. Drawing inspiration from Final Fantasy, his music really dazzles.

Karina Lye

Karina Lye See Mun, our Blender 3D artist, hails from Malaysia but has been an exchange student in Japan. Fluent in Japanese, her work is a great influence on our product line. Prior to working with us, she worked on a 3D animated series screened on local TV.


Yossy is our Japanese musician and composer. His website is located at:

Fong Yunqi

Yunqi has contributed to many of the pixel art creations of Sherman3D.

Izzati Nora

Izzati is our talented young pixel artist who also specializes in Japanese culture and language.

Nanda Wijaya

Nanda joins us from Indonesia and has increasing talent in pixel and vector art productions.

Sakura Shikamaru

Sakura is our Japanese advisor who studied in Canada and who is now back in Japan. Brought up as a Nadeshiko, she is extremely well trained in Japanese culture and martial arts.

Kevin Kirkland

Kevin Kirkland is our British R&D Software Engineer who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from the University of Leads, UK. Borned in 1974, Kevin is an experienced designer and developer of IT systems using C++, C#, SQL and XML. He worked on various multimedia software applications for various British organizations such as Magnitude and Fragment Media from 1994 to 1999. From 1999 to 2004, he formed the IT department at Nunwood and created innovative online applications which led to the finalist position for "Best Agency" in British Market Research Association awards. Their major international clients included Tesco, Alliance and Leicester and Somerfield.

Chong Wei Han

Chong is our programmer.

Ong Horng Fuh

Ong is our programmer.

Max Wan

Max is our programmer.

Elva Lukmantra

Elva is our pixel artist.

Very special thanks to our ex-members, people who have helped us, etc.:

Tiffany Lim, John Chin, Helen Chong, Chong Koon Chek, Jim Adams, Ron Penton, Mason McCuskey, Dave Astel, Ton Roosendaal, Ben Omari, Joseph Tringali, Fong Yun Qi, Ginnie Tee Seah Nee, Ten Shea Hoon, Yeoh An Gie, Tori Dang, Foo Chong Siong, Leong Kok Wai, Lim Kok Loong, Chris Senjaya, Ong Ean Keat, Carmen Spottog, Rachel Young, Odin Jensen, Robert Rice, Frank Chang, Raylin Wiggin, Anthony Fiandaca, Dan Fancher, Adrian Carney, Jacob Long, Lisa Long, Paul Varga, Rei Yoshihara, Yuka Ubukata, Tim Daniels, Quynn Carter, Ryan McElvenny, Curt Benefield, Christopher Tremblay, Thomas Green, Jonathan Bekkers, Honoel Ibardolaza, Cloud Tee, Samantha Atkinson, Sin Yap, Aaron McDonald, Robert Brookes, David Coen, Zach Haefner, Peter Jansen, Maarten Leeuwrik, Joel Chua, Mary Huang, York Seaton, Joshua Thomas, Mike Kim, Allen Tam, Jesicca Bradford, Nurul Diyana, Chong Kai Min, Vincent Yeo (Hobby Haven),,, Malaysia Venture Capital (MAVCAP), Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC) Malaysia, Netrove Partners Sdn Bhd, V2 Multimedia Bhd, and all members of
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