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Sherman3D ( ) is an indie game development company that strives to create cute, bright, and colorful Anime inspired games. Sherman3D was incorporated in April 2003 in Malaysia and in July 2006 in Canada. Sherman3D's developers span the globe from countries such as Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and America. Sherman3D also specializes in pixel art outsourcing and has worked on over 20 internationally recognized games including Drawn To Life published by THQ in 2007, Scribblenauts published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2009, Nickelodeon Diego's Build & Rescue published by 2K Play in 2010 and various Disney web games in 2011. Sherman3D created its own story and trademarked intellectual property in the form of a sci-fi fantasy PC Role Playing Game entitled Alpha Kimori™ ( ), which was published by Big Fish Games and IGN Entertainment in 2011.

Sherman3D was founded by Sherman Chin. The Sherman3D game development community, founded in 2001, became the catalyst for our award winning business plan that secured the 2nd-runners up place in Venture 2002, Malaysia's first nationwide business plan competition. Our award was presented to us by Malaysia's Prime Minister, Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi. We were then funded by the Malaysian government Cradle Investment Programme.

Sherman3D's contact information is as follows:

Sherman3D Sdn Bhd
19 A-1 Jalan MJ/1,
Taman Majlis Jaya,
Sungai Chua,
43000, Kajang,
Tel: +6012-3983691 / + 6018 245 8317
Fax: + 603 8734 2933
E-mail: Info @

Picture: Sherman (second person of foremost row in main picture and inset) receiving their award from Malaysia's Prime Minister (third person of foremost row in main picture and fourth person of foremost row in inset).

Sherman3D Business Plan: Venture 2002 Final Phase 3rd Place Winner

Sherman3D Business Plan: Phase 1

Please e-mail us at Info @ for further enquiries.

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